leading producer of microfluidic systems

We are with you in all processes form the design to fabrication of devices and implementation of microfluidic systems

BEHZSAZ, knowlege-based company

Smart syringe pump

A required equipment for any advanced laboratory with a vast variety of applications

  • Injection and withdrawal of liquids
  • Manual and programmed usage
  • Different syringe types
  • Highly accurate and easy to use

We are with you in all stages of transforming a microfluidic idea into reality

Customisation base on your needs

Provision of all you need

BZS fabricated microfluidic chips
A complete package to realise any idea

All facilities to design, simulate, fabricate, run, and evaluate a microfluidic system


We offer our customers reasonable prices and a quick schedule to prototype and make as many modifications as needed to develop their own complete microfluidic solution.

Design and development

We help our customers to conceptualise, improve, and validate microfluidic devices. If you work with us, you will get a prototype that exceeds your expectations.

Setup and services

We help you in the complete setup of the microfluidic system. Also, we provide you with equipment and accessories.

BEHZSAZ, the leading producer of customised microflouidics


years of experience in the most advanced cleanrooms in the world


different microfluidic devices


microfluidic research projects