About us

BEHZSAZ is the leading manufacturer of PDMS and PMMA microfluidics. All stages of design and implementation from beginning to end are done in BEHZSAZ. We use special processes to reduce costs.

BEHZSAZ, knowlege-based company

BEHZSAZ value proposition

  • We are in contact with our costumers actively.
  • We do our best to deliver 100% on-time.
  • We are responsible and supportive for all services and products.
BZS microfluidic biosensor

BEHZSAZ competitive advantages

Expertise: Our team has the experience of fabricating and evaluating nano and micro-devices in the most advanced cleanrooms in Europe and research in various fields of nanotechnology and microfluidics. In the past decade, we have successfully implemented a variety of simple and complex designs.

Reliability: For us, communication with the client is the beginning of a continuous cooperation and we look forward to his return for new designs.

BZS complex microfluidic setup

Some of our customers