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Microfluidic prototyping

Recently, the application of microfluidics in applications such as sequencing, personalised medicine, drug discovery, gene therapy, wearable diagnostic systems, and point-of-care has accelerated dramatically. A significant acceleration is seen in industrial activities to bring these microfluidic solutions to the market. Startups with remarkable microfluidic ideas are emerging. On the other hand, promising products are commercialised by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

We are well aware of the needs of our customers to quickly and efficiently build microfluidic designs and move to the next steps. Therefore, we do everything from idea to implementation in the shortest time and efficiently.

BZS microfluidic flow distributer
BZS microfluidic system simulation

Design and development

BEHZSAZ's years of experience have brought the knowledge necessary to develop microfluidic products in a wide range of applications. If you are conceptualising, improving, or validating a microfluidic application from among the options below, we invite you to contact one of our development specialists. We assure you that you will hear something valuable.

  • Blood and urine point-of-care analysis cartridges
  • Complex micro-arrays
  • Tissue-engineering scaffolds
  • Customised cell culture systems
  • Opto-electrical approaches
  • Point-of-care diagnosis of biomarkers
  • Detection of pathogens in humans and animals
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Toxicity measurement in droplet samples
  • Monitoring drug effectiveness in small body fluids
  • Cell separation
  • Desktop cell counting
  • Fluidic drug delivery
  • Cancer research through biomarkers and cellular analysis
  • Selective approaches in ART
  • Microfluidic systems
  • Point-of-care sequencing approaches
  • Portable forensic devices

Smart syringe pump

The smart syringe pump is used for injection and withdrawal of liquids with high precision. This system is used in cases where it is necessary to inject or withdraw a liquid uniformly and at a steady rate. Fluid transfer with high stability and accuracy, smart pump operation, real-time monitoring and control through the web and display are some of the features of this system. It has an advanced user interface that provides remote control and monitoring through a computer, tablet or mobile phone with no software. Also, the system's full-touch colour display and easy graphical user interface provide a favourable user experience. If the sample runs out, the device will warn the user. This system is easily programmable. After entering the program by the user, the program will run automatically. Program steps for fluid transfer include constant-rate injection and withdrawal, stop, and repetition. It is also possible to save and restore programs.

BZS smart syringe pump (2)


Here, the answers to some frequently asked questions are available to you.

Conducting experiments at micron scale that is possible with the use of microfluidics helps you achieve unique conditions for testing. In most cases, speed and accuracy considerably increase and costs are reduced.

By contacting our colleagues, the best option will be suggested to you considering your application and needs. We can also customise the pump according to your request.